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Sample submission instructions
Frequently asked questions
1.  Collect tissue in 0.2 ml 8-tube strips.  Mark the tubes to make the strain and animal ID identifiable. Please do
NOT use individual 0.2 ml tubes or tear off un-used tubes even if you have fewer than 8 samples. Do NOT combine
two mouse lines in the same strip.  
2.  Immediately submerge mouse tissue in alcohol (70% - 95% EtOH).  The samples can then be stored at room
temperature indefinitely.
GeneTyper - mouse tail DNA extraction
GeneTyper - mouse genotyping tail DNA
3.  Enter the mouse line name, animal ID and PCR requirement in "Sample Submission Form".
GeneTyper - mouse genotyping tail cutting
4.  Write your initials followed by the strip number on the SIDE (not on the cap) of the 8-tube strip, starting from left,
the beginning end of the strip. (eg. JD1 for Jane Doe strip 1)  The strip IDs (JD1, JD2, etc.) help us quickly and
correctly arrange the strips according to your order.
GeneTyper - mouse genotyping tail DNA extraction
5.   Drop off samples together with submission form according to arrangement with GeneTyper.  
Thanks for your order.
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First-timer:  Fill out sample submission form [GeneTyper_sample.pdf] by hand.
Here is a fill-in version:
[GeneTyper_sampleFI.pdf] (longer download time).
How much tail should I cut?
  • 1/8 inch (2-3mm), length of a typed "t".

What is the catalog number for the 0.2ml 8-tube
  • 0.2ml strip tubes with strip caps, catalog #
    3418 from Molecular BioProducts. Distributed
    by Fisher under Fisher Catalog # 21-236-68,
    VWR under Catalog # 53225-644.
What if the strip breaks?
  • Transfer the samples to an intact strip.  Use
    the recommended brand.

Why can't I break the strip or load two strains?
  • Our high throughput format requires that the
    strips are intact and only one strain is in each

How long can it be delayed before ethanol is
  • Within 4 hours of cutting.  Otherwise,  the
    sample may deteriorate.

What if it leaks?
  • Make sure it doesn't.  Alcohol will erase the

Do I need to label the cap of the strip?  
  • No.  The cap will be removed, although you
    might want to label it for your own

What if I forget to label the strip with the identifying
initials and number?
  • If we can't figure it out, your order will be
    delayed or returned.

Will the samples be returned?
  • Correctly submitted samples will NOT be
    returned, although special arrangement can
    be made.

How long do you keep the samples?
  • One week.

Can I submit the sample information electronically?
  • Yes.  After your first order an account will be
    set up for you for future online ordering.  
  • For first-timers, hand fill out this PDF:
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